Opinions on This Jax Build?

  • Ight so i'm real big into melee dps. Tryndamere and Yi are my favorite champs by far, but I'm trying to branch out into someone who is a little safer more consistently so obviously I'm looking at jax, he isn't a true melee ADC but he's as close as it gets for everyone who isn't one.

    I don't like the traditional hybrid jax builds, just doesn't feel fun to me. I gave the Triforce/Rageblade build a go and while I was strong I just felt like my sustained damage was really weak, so I'm considering a more ad-focused jax.

    Opener is pretty standard, boots -> vamp -> phage -> cutlass. I do think that Trinity force is too good to pass up on him so I plan to keep that, but i'm considering an ezreal/corki style build beyond that.

    Thinking a 6 item build would look like Mercs or Tabi / BotRK / Trinity Force / Infinity Edge / Atma's Impaler and either GA/Randuins/Warmogs/Bulwark depending which defense item feels most fitting.

    The general idea here is I still benefit from the sheen procs/phage slow that trinity force offers which just feels strong regardless what type of jax. But the IE/Atma's are geared towards giving a strong amount of crit and extra AD over regular jax builds to make my sustained damage a lot stronger. Rageblade feels really lack luster, the base damages on empower and his ultimate are so high that the extra AP gained while strong just doesn't feel like an optimal DPS item (and it is meant to be a dps item) and zephyr feels really strong on him in hybrid but it's really expensive and you get practically zero benefit until its completed unlike the AD item routes which give substantial boosts at each piece.

    Since his ult gives him armor/mr based on how much AD/AP I have i'll admittedly be a little weaker against AP casters but much much stronger against AD champs between atmas and IE.

    As far as general build order, after Cutlass/Phage/Boots i'm thinking straight into IE. Finish Trinity force after that, then from there likely one of my tanky items like atmas/bulwark or something similarly situational depending how the game is going.

  • In for responses. I am a Jax player and looking for good builds as well.

    I started with the standard Trinity Force build after Ninja Tabi but found it to be bleh.

    I then did a more jungle build: Ninja Tabi, Vampiric, Wriggles, Phage->Hexblade->Frozen Mallet and Guinsoo's which was good, but took forever to build an was very dependent on me being able to farm which made me abandon it. (Wriggle's is good if you want to slay the dragon by yourself I hear)

    Right now I am doing Ninja Tabi -> Bloodthirster -> Guinsoo's -> Banshee's Veil -> Mercurial Scepter. If I do well enough early on, I can usually dominate by end of game.

    I should probably have either hexblade or frozen mallet in there instead of Mercurial. Thoughts?

    I might be a red, but I am still pretty new ;-)
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    Have you ever tried building BTRK on him? I absolutely love it on Jax.
    Yes, I do like that one. I sometimes just have to take what I can get though depending on gold. I did an unscientific experiment and build hextech gunblade in a few games and I found that it didn't help me at all. Of course, I know that is against the common wisdom I've read so perhaps I am using it wrong lol.
  • I do one Jax build and one Jax build only. This will probably be controversial, but I've had a lot of luck with it.

    Runes: damage reds, armor yellows, MR/level blues, GP10 quints.
    Masteries: 10/7/13 (armor pen, armor, GP10).


    Boots/3pot, 2X Doran's Blade, Phage (Sheen if I'm crushing), Trinity, Guardian Angel, Rageblade in that order. I go GP10 because it's really not worth committing to fights pre-6 because you never want to waste leap in case there's a gank incoming. Getting Q and E first lets you escape ganks and/or leapstun during an allied gank. The 2x Doran's Blade gold efficiency gives you a huge advantage while your opponent does diddly if he buys anything else other than Doran's to counter you.

    Play passive until you hit 6. Once you hit 6, smack minions twice, then hit W and Q onto someone. It'll do a hefty chunk of damage. Back off immediately, then repeat once everything's off cooldown. Add an E if you think you can get a kill. This is the reason I like to go Sheen first if I'm doing well--it doesn't have the sticking power of Phage, but it lets you get off some intense burst. With Jax, I never worry too much about killing. Killing is awesome, but it puts you at risk. Repeatedly harassing is just as frustrating for the other player, and still lets you project power. Once you have Trinity Force, you've basically got all the damage you need. Get a GA and have fun right clicking whoever you want.