Iron Solari Leona's joke and taunt

  • To be blunt, Leona's Iron Solari skin has seriously messed-up joke and taunt animations. It's a great skin, don't get me wrong, but it has these two bizarre mistakes in it:

    1) As part of her taunt, Leona smacks her shield a few times. In her Iron Solari skin, there's a clipping error with the shield that basically makes it look like she's cutting her hand off at the wrist with every whack.

    2) In both of her jokes, Leona takes off her left glove and then puts it back on. Iron Solari Leona moves as if she's taking her glove off, but it stays on for the whole animation.

    Now obviously it's an older skin at this point, but come on, IronStylus, this is Leona we're talking about here!

    Additional bait:

    The Heresy
    sexy ladies in armor
    female body archetypes
  • Why heloooo.

    Yes I've noticed both of these issues. We made the Iron Solari skin before we started really tricking out skins with a ton of bells and whistles. Actually, come to think of it, it was one of the last skins that was mostly just a model swap, save for the extra things in her particles.

    I'll bring these up but I'm pretty sure we've known about them for a while, I'm not sure what the priority would be to fix them, but I can see what I can do. Personally I'd like to put some energy into a new Leona skin