Game crashes when trying to start a game

  • So i recently got back into LoL in general, and had forgotten that there was a PBE version of the game so i downloaded it again and remembered my information. Started to browse and decided i should test out some games. Upon starting up the game, getting into the character select screen, chose my character and after that (when the screen closes, have the League of Legend sign, black screen) after that black screen i should be take to the summoning load time, but for some reason (on PBE only) i get a crash report popup.

    I have tried repairing, but that didnt work and currently redownloading it on another computer (the one i had original played PBE on as this current one is to an extent "new") just wondering if this is a recurring problem or is it just me? Any way to fix this? thanks!
  • Does this happen every time you try to start a game? Does if fully load? When it happens can you still see the minimized air client in your tray?