Thoughts on Thresh

  • Take the AP out of his passive and make the defensive scaling on his passive flat, instead of scaling down to flat. And take the randomness out of the passive. I seem to be getting about 1 soul about every 3-4 minions, so make all minor minions give a soul that's worth between 1/3 and 1/4 of a soul. Randomness is bad. It's why dodge was removed.

    With AP off his passive, his abilities can be given decent base values or decent scaling values.

    Also: His Q's "deals more damage the longer it's been since your last attack" is cool and all, but you really max out the damage from his Q passive by building attack speed. Which is a bit counter-logical. It makes the passive GREAT for last hits and for trading, but come late game you won't ever see that portion of the damage after the first hit.

    And up the volume on his voice, I can't hear him at all.
  • Thresh's passive is not true random. You don't know which minion will drop a soul, and it can vary over the short term, but you'll end within 1-2% variance (for random spawns) in the long run.

    Also, I am not really opposed to randomness when it enables, not disables, gameplay. If you get a fat stack of souls from the first wave, it's up to you and your teammate(s) to capitalize. If you don't get many souls the first wave, you'll have to adapt.