Requesting refom card link thru account page.

  • First, I think it'd be an excellent idea for the reform cards linked to your account to be put under the page for accounts.

    When I click on this:

    I would like a section containing the link to reform cards on my account to be listed somewhere there.

    Please feel free to vote in the poll posted.
  • The idea is interesting, but would require some new tech to go live.

    While I can't comment on the possibility of such a feature, if you are in need of your reform card for whatever reason, Player Support will provide it for you.

    This assumes there is one though. Keep in mind that the system didn't start until late July 2012, so all cases before that do not have any reform cards. Also, as time goes on, old data may be purged, so very old reform cards may no longer be available.

    You can contact Player Support here: