Happy Birthday RiotPenguin! (Gift Inside)

  • What a weird coincidence. I actually just finished a hand-made illustration of a Penguin Champion Concept I was working on and it soo happened to be your birthday! (I actually had no idea)

    Have a Happy Birthday RiotPenguin!

    Sincerely, Pegi

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Name:	Pegi, the Deck-Swabbing Swashbuckler.jpg
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    Here's a skin I've made already way before the illustration above.. but figured I'd dedicate his skin to you too RiotPenguin. I don't know about you but when Pegi gets hammered on his birthday, he wake-sup looking like this... I hope this isn't a sign. Bwahaha
    (Don't do anything Pegi wouldn't do!)
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Name:	Jailbird Pegi Color.jpg
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  • Super cool, thanks man! Penguin champion OP.

    Can has an evil Pegi skin?
  • I see your Pegi, and counter with Penguin Team 6: