[Game][Minor] Vision bug on Thresh's Q

  • Priority: Minor

    Description: When hitting a target with Thresh's Q normally you are granted vision of the target. This has worked on champs, minions and jungle mobs. When Baron or Dragon is hit though you are not granted vision. Thresh still stands in his "I've got them hooked" stance and the Q skill indicator still changes for the dash, and you can still dash to the target. It seems that for the sake of consistency it would still grant vision while they are still counted as hooked, even though the skill doesn't displace them in any way.

    Repro steps:
    1. Play Thresh.
    2. Attack with Q from an area where you don't have vision on either monster.
    3. Marvel at the lack of vision.
  • Nice catch
  • I am sorry to disrupt your plotting of new strategies but time has run out. This should be fixed with the next PBE patch