Fun to use AD carry?

  • MF MF MF, a thousand times MF. She is so fun, especially her ult, and all the laughing.
  • I'm looking for recomendations of fun to use AD carry.

    I'm really liking this role and in my team it seems I'm to only one who likes to play AD carry.

    So far the only one I have is Kog'Maw and I really love playing with him. I like his skills, the fact he has a sort of AOE Slow and his great range (with W), also his ulti is a ton of fun to use to grab some kills of escaping enemies, help during team battles and just to harass.
    On top of all I think he is a solid champion on every phase of the game (early, mid, late).

    So any recomendations you can give me based on that?
    Honestly I'm not even looking for "the best" or the "strongest" but just an AD carry that is fun to use.

    PS: Oh yeah, I also have ashe ... but honestly I don't really like her and I don't quite know why.

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    I'm going to suggest Gangplank.

    He's an AD, he carries, he laughs, and he's prettier than Miss Fortune.