[Game][Minor] Animations of Environment Flicker

  • After death animations of the environment will begin to flicker on and off.
  • Can you attach a screenshot showing the effects that you are talking about circled? It doesn't have to show the flicker itself I just want to see specifically which environment effects you are seeing flicker.
  • Hey guys, can you clarify this a little bit? Do you mean animations like the active objects on Dominion (windmill, etc), or do you mean torches, etc? And is this only while your champion is dead, or does it continue to happen for the rest of the match after the first death?
  • Hi. What map? What character? What actions? Do you actually have to die to repro it?
  • Thanks for the info. We'll keep trying to repro it now that we know what we're looking for. If anyone else has specific info we would love to hear it.
  • Yeah that helps. Can you attach a dx diag? We know there are some flickering issues with Nvidia Quadro drivers from around 2011. If so we have found updating graphics drivers fixes the issue.
  • That info is in the r3d game logs, right? in the logs folder?
  • Thank you everyone. We have a fix for this.