@WookieeCookie, could you please tell me what made me get banned? I want to improve

  • Łàrš,

    I understand you feel like you've been working on your behavior, and while I think that's commendable, based off your latest reform card you're just not there yet.

    A lot of your reports stem from various forms of Verbal Abuse, you can see some insights into that behavior in your reform card, such as when you tell a person to "die in pakistan".

    Based off the reports I've read which were not in the card, it looks like you kind of lucked out, because at some times you seem to lose your cool and explode on people, especially if they don't play very well.

    Some other trends I've seen is being extremely uncooperative in Champion Select. To the point where if your team already has the role you wanted to play, you're more than happy to threaten them of your feeding potential if they don't give in to your demands.

    If you're seeking genuine advice it comes down to two points:

    1) Be more cooperative with your team. If you join a game keep in mind that the variables may not always be in your favor. Threatening others to get what you want, or lashing out at them when they ignore your wishes is not helping your situations.

    2) More importantly, if you really want to avoid further suspensions, stop chatting. I'll believe you when you said you didn't mean to tell that person to die in Pakistan. But the fact remains that you did say it, in addition to the other forms of verbal abuse you've gotten in trouble for. Your typing is getting you in trouble. So stop.

    It's a common misconception that players will get banned for "no communication". However, this is not true. If you join a game, and use minimal forms of communication like MIAs, Jungle Timers, and Pings, you will not get dinged for "no communication". Teammates just want to see that you can respond and you're not a bot. Show a basic level of team work and an ability to cooperate and they will not be bothered.

    The cool thing about this strategy is that if you're not always able to control yourself when you get angry, then you don't have to worry because... you're not typing! Your words can't be used against you later in the Tribunal.

    Sometimes we all feel the urge to let out our frustrations. If you need to let off some steam, say it out loud. No one in your game can hear them, which is good. Because you don't want your enemies to know how demoralized you are (it helps them!), and you don't want your allies to get discouraged (this hurts you!).

    I would also encourage you when your account is unbanned, to take it easy in high stress situations. Avoid ranked play for the time being. Join some Dominion games, learn a new champ or two in Co-Op Vs. AI, or just do some normals. Play some matches where the stakes are not so high so you can practice your new minimal typing style. Then you'll be better prepared if you decide to hop into some ranked matches, and you'll be use to restricting your chat.

    Because right now, restricting the toxic words you say is your best bet to avoiding future Tribunal Suspensions.
  • *Sorry the title is misleading *

    Hello WookieeCookie and co~

    I'm trying so hard to improve my attitude in-game these past weeks ever since I had my last suspension. I cussed so much before that ban, and since then I decided to be a better player! Sadly Rome wasn't build in 1 day, 2 days ago I got banned again sadly (two weeks, stupid me), When i saw my case i saw nothing really offensive.. i made a forum thread and the community found out that I said a certain phrase and I had no clue why I even said that in the first place! i was mindblown because I have never said something like that in my whole live / it was just stupid (i said: (***) in Pakistan). i'll leave it there. It's stupid enough.

    So my question is..

    Could you please check my last case/last month and tell me what habit of me is founded offensive/bannable? It's time to avoid my negative attitude.

    Sorry for my english, if you don't understand something please let me know

    Thank you !

    Edit: For those who want to see my reform card, i made a thread 2 days ago !
    Else i'd be double-posting