Suspended after a suspension.


    So before I am flamed please hear me out.

    Originally I was suspended for, talking trash, being a negative teammate and making the game otherwise un-fun for other players. I understand this, I'm not denying this.

    My grievance has to do with the fact I went through a suspension because of it, however not a few days after the suspension ended.. another one began but these events happened before the original suspension had taken place.

    I think it's unfair to do something like that, honestly I've already had to sit and wait for it to end and now I have to do it again? I don't understand the logic, nor do I understand the logic of the 'support specialist' dodging and not responding to my question.

    But alas, It's 2 in the morning and I'm just whining, I simply want to know, am I in the wrong for feeling frustrated because of this?

    Me - Hello, I was suspended for negative behavior and attitude and had to suffer through a lengthy suspension. I got unsuspnded, enjoyed playing for a short while before I recieved another from games that happened further back before I had been suspended.

    I don't understand why I just got another suspension when I just had to go through one, since my return I've been careful to stick to the summoners code. I'm not saying I was innocent in the cases, I broke the summoners code, I'm just hoping I can get a little bit of mercy considering I just had gone through a ban.

    Kyle - I have reviewed your account and our records indicate that you recently had a case in the Tribunal. Due to actions made on the Fields of Justice, this account has been warned or suspended by The Tribunal which means your Honor has been reset. An email was sent to the email address associated with your account regarding this Tribunal case.

    To see your Tribunal case, please visit the following link (please note that this link expires three weeks from the date it was originally generated.):

    You have the power to prevent future suspensions by working to be a positive force in-game with your fellow Summoners. If you feel unsure as to what sort of behavior is appropriate, please consult the Summoner's Code and our Knowledge Base article on reporting players, both of which I have linked below.

    Since the action against your account is temporary, it gives you the opportunity to change your behavior in games going forward. We prefer to give players the chance to improve rather than permanently ban an account through which much time has been spent and much effort has been made. You should heed this warning, however, because suspensions will increase in length if you do not improve your behavior and are brought before the Tribunal again. Further negative behavior in-game can culminate in your account being permanently banned from League of Legends.

    Me - You didn't respond to my complaint at all. I understand why the temporary suspension was given but you didn't clarify to why I was suspended again for events that occoured BEFORE the suspension. It's ridiculous, if you were going to suspend my account for previous events again you should have done so with the original suspension. I once again want this 'suspension' to be lifted considering I already just went through one.

    Like I said I'm not trying to say I was innocent in the cases, I simply think it's unfair that you didn't take care of the suspension the first time and are adding events that happened before the suspension.

    Hypothetically lets say I got a suspension on.. December 25th,

    I'm being suspended for things that occoured prior to December 25th.

    Did I not already serve a suspension because of that?

    Kyle - Both players and Riot employees viewing Tribunal Cases are provided with chat logs and other relevant stats to reach a decision. Players generally understand what sort of behavior will negatively impact other players and what conduct falls outside of what should be a positive in-game experience. Please consult the Summoner's Code (linked below) if you wish to learn more about the conduct we wish to uphold on the Fields of Justice.

    If in the future your account is found to have subsequent violations against the Code of Conduct, additional evaluation and longer suspensions will occur. Further negative behavior in-game can culminate in your account being permanently banned from League of Legends.

    Our goal has always been to foster a positive environment in the game where everyone can enjoy themselves, and therefore we must stand strong against negative players, harassment and abuse. If you have been on the receiving end of disruptive behavior, I think you can understand the motivation behind our actions.

    Me - I understand this.. my question is,

    Why was I suspended again for instances that occurred before my previous suspension?

    It's unfair I need to sit and wait through another suspension when these happened far before the one immediately before it.

    Kyle - Greetings Summoner,

    We have already explained the context for the action taken against your account and given you the tools to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

    We will not be reversing this decision and consider this matter closed. If you still do not agree or understand the context of this action feel free to discuss this decision on our Tribunal forums listed below:
  • Hello TacomaTerror,

    I think there is a misunderstanding here. Let me know if I'm reading it wrong.

    Your 7 Day Suspension was assigned on December 16th, 2012. It ended on December 23rd.

    During the time after you came back you acquired additional reports which resulted in a suspension January 11th, 2013.

    The games in your report came from 12/24, 12/26, 12/28, and 1/05.

    However, I did notice you got a leaver suspension on 12/28 and 1/6. This could be the source of the confusion. As the LeaverBuster system is different from the Tribunal. A suspension in one does not affect a possible suspension in the other.