Locating a specific case?

  • I reviewed I tribunal case about a month ago, the player was so toxic that I copied the case number down so I could see the results once judgement has been passed.

    It was been a month now and the case (6104772) has not appeared on the justice review.

    I was wondering if there is a way to locate said case or if the case number changes before or after it is reviewed.

    Also this is a long shot, (if this case struck anyone else/stood out as much as it did to me) but the case involved an extremely toxic player that in one game was playing as Volibear.


    Found the case thanks to this thread!


    It's active and it was a punish, thank you all for your time. I hope to repay the favor for your time!

    There was a Lee Sin on the team that was doing nothing wrong, and the Volibear had the audacity to tell the Lee Sin to say "good bye" to his account since his account (Volibear) was important somehow and immune to bans.

    Basically he was trolling and being toxic and on top of that he was saying he could ban anyone he wanted.
  • FatherD,

    It might be possible that you mis-recorded the Case ID down.

    I tried tracking it down directly with our tools, but I didn't get any results.