Tribunal ban on EUW. Support didn't even answer my questions.

  • So, I'm just fed up with this, can someone tell me, what did I do wrong here that I got banned?

    Here's my tribunal case -

    This is my second time being banned, the first time I may agree that it was my fault, but not now, I did not flame, did not use offensive words on someone, I was just discussing, I wasn't feeding intentionally, because all of my team had the same score almost.

    I wrote to the support, I'm sure they didn't even check my tribunal case, they just answered with a copy paste text for this case.

    Server - EU West
    Account - Kon3ko
    Summoner name - Fcuk You Me Mid

    Why I'm writing on the NA forum? Because writing this on EUW is useless, I'll just get the same answer, or I can even get my thread deleted and ignored.

    Also about how the Tribunal works, people always press punish, they don't even review the case, they ignore it waiting 60 seconds.
  • Most of your reports are for your inappropriate name.

    I've given you a temporary name, and you should contact Player Support again so they can give you a new one.

    Next time, try to select a name that is far less offensive.