I love the changes to Evelynn

  • EDIT 4: Just played my first game as Evelynn post-nerf. Went 10-2-4. Honest opinion? She's fine.
    Was I still able to one hit the priority target?
    Was I still able to do a great deal of damage while my ultimate was on cooldown?
    Was my roam insanely potent and my early game burst damage a force to be reckoned with?
    Did I effectively fill the role of a burst assassin?
    Honestly, she's fine, and felt way more balanced.

    First of all, I understand that most of you already know this, but for some of the less informed people out there QQing about nerfs to evelynn, you should read this.

    I took a look at the changes they're doing to evelynn, and I really like them.

    I'm not an Evelynn hater, she was one of my mains in early s2 that helped me get to 1690 elo along with some other mains I was using. I love everything about her from her playstyle to her kit, but the problem was, I HAAAATED playing against her.

    Pretty much a taste of my own medicine.

    The thing is, with her current standing, there's really only one correct way to build Evelynn. Rushing deathfire's and AP. 20% increased magic damage for 4 seconds made her an absolute monster early game. Her build wasn't very versatile and I think buffing her AD ratios would really help bring back some old favorites like triforce or gunblade.

    With Evelynn right now, because of her monstrous ultimate, not only is she able to use it to execute players, this basically allowed her to snowball out of control in a teamfight. It gave her relatively nonexistent counterplay.

    If a reasonably built Evelynn see's a squishy like an adc etc., at half hp or below, there is literally nothing that squishy can possibly do to survive her attack. With the ultimate doing that much damage at all points of your hp, it always means an instakill for her. Add that to the ultimate's range, and unless a squishys team is forming a Sparta phalanx to protect the squishy, Evelynn's prey, Evelynn can easily swoop in, get a kill, and swoop out using her W movement speed and slow removal steroid which resets on kills and assists.

    Is that fun? To be an ezreal or kog' maw, and out of nowhere see your hp disappear like magic while that terrible terrible wh*re swoops away laughing maniacally, unscathed? At least with these changes now, she will need to get in your face to do any real damage, giving you appropriate time to react.

    This change to the ultimate will provide a squishy with around half hp still a fighting chance to survive her monstrous assault because it will deal Current%HP not Max%HP. This will keep her ult as an initiation tool rather than simply using it to execute and wasting the shield you gain.

    One thing I'd like to point out is this does not, and I emphasize, Makes Her Bad or Underpowered. Her ultimate still gives her great durability, retarded burst, and a good slow. Plus, don't forget that her unique role in this game hasn't changed. Remember, that Evelynn can bypass all sight wards in her stealthed state, which lasts forever.

    Do you even know how insanely beneficial that is? Even if the enemies drop vision wards, do you know how many vision wards they need to drop to effectively cover all entrance points? If you have a competent botlane, they will alert you where the pinks are, and you have 5 more different ways to gank without being spotted. Not to mention that you are essentially forcing players to stock up on pink ward, which is an extra 50 gold down the drain when you compare them to sight ward prices.

    I really think that these changes will balance Evelynn out, give her some more counterplay, and allow her to maintain her core mechanics in gameplay.

    ...Maybe I can finally start playing her in ranked again. I freaking love the champion, so it sucks to see her permabanned every queue.

    P.S. Don't Forget That Initiating with DFG Makes Her Ult Deal 20% More Damage To a Single Target. That's Absurdly Overpowered With The Max%HP Mechanic. You were essentially able to instakill squishies with a 100% success rate if they weren't at max hp. Instakilling an ADC will dramatically change the tides of a teamfight for example.

    EDIT: Ok. A lot of people don't understand this, but with the current Evelynn, I can one hit a squishy easily with my DFG and skills when they are at max HP. Guess what? Post-nerf, you will still be able to do that because Current%HP = Max%HP when they are at max HP. Anyone who has played Evelynn effectively will tell you the same thing. Currently they can easily instagib a max-hped squishy.

    Your killing power will be exactly the same if you use it as an initiation skill on a full-hped champion. They just nerfed her ultimate so you can't do the same and guarantee yourself a kill if they are at half hp. As stated before, that just destroys counterplay.

    EDIT 2:

    The only thing I'd have to agree with in terms of being a bit excessive is the 150 cooldown. However, I'm really not worried about that. Evelynn naturally builds CDR, but also, Riot will probably balance her cooldown to a good point once they have a couple of patch cycles to see how this new evelynn will play out.

    The harsh CD nerf was completely understandable because Evelynn was completely out of control pre-nerf, and I'll bet you an arm and a leg that if it really does drastically detriment her game play, Riot will balance it to a more reasonable state, just like they did with Diana and Rengar.

    So doooon't worry about the CD nerf.

    EDIT 3:

    So, there are a lot of posts in this thread that share a similar theme of "What ifs?" "What if we need to finish them off and they get away with like 10 hp and we can't ult them to kill them blahblah""What if they escape and we can't chaseblahblah"

    Your "What if's" mean nothing. Every engage Evelynn has ever started pre-nerf most likely turns into an instawin for her. Because she can rip a hole in the enemy player no matter the circumstance. These changes give Evelynn a more skillbased playstyle instead of button mashing and watching someone's HP disappear.

    Furthermore, pre-nerf, and I'm blatantly repeating myself here, if you initiate on a full Hp-ed champion, you would destroy their HP. Guess what? Doing the same exact thing now will give you the same exact results. People keep complaining that now "target's will always be able to escape you."

    That's simply not true, it just isn't. Her Ravage and Hate spike does a ton of damage by itself, and if you initiate with your ult on somebody and Ravage immediately after, you are doing a monstrous amount of damage and thus filling your role as a burst assassin. I'll repeat one more time, there is absolutely nothing different in terms of initiating on a full hp champion now, than there was pre-nerf. The fact that she can't 100% execute champions with some missing hp every single time means that counterplay against Evelynn now exists. (Hence, balance)
  • A lot of the Evelynn changes were focused on adding more risk to her gameplay, making her more reliant on some of her mechanics (ex: the mana regen from her passive, the cooldown reset on her W, the shield on her ult), and as you mentioned adding some windows of opportunity where opponents can counterplay her.

    It's awesome to see that you have a positive outlook on it. Feel free to come and give feedback after playing her a bit this patch!