[game][minor] thresh magic resist scaling

  • i was playing a game earlier as thresh and for some reason his magic resist wasn't scaling. I thought this was because his passive was changed in the last patch but on his passive tooltip it said "Thresh does not armor per level" so I assumed that he regularly should gain MR per level
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    So why not return it to his passive where it should be?
    He is a ranged autoattacker. He neither needs nor deserves innate MR scaling. It would not be a buff to give him MR scaling because I would just drain power from all of his abilities.
  • Well, I can tell you the thought process. Thresh has a ranged autoattack. No ranged attackers in our game gain MR per level. From that perspective, it seems clear enough. If you all think the tooltip implies Thresh gains MR per level due to the absence of its mention, I can try to re-write the tooltip itself to clarify this.