As Vayne how does one deal with a slightly fed akali?

  • Team fights start, im in the back because im the adc... OUT OF NO WHERE AKALI DASH TWO SHOT GO then she just dashes to a minon or flashes over a wall. I have no time to react to this and usually my team just fails at killing her and then its a 4v5. I know shes not op because ive played against her as mid, but shes a huge pain if im adc and she even gets a little bit fed.

    I tumble away and condemn but she has three dashes and a flash usually so there is no escape

    Edit: i may try the ol warmogs on vayne next time hahaha, ive been watching a bit of ogn and na qualifiers and ive seen them buy it so its a good chance to try.
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    rofl, as vayne?

    If you really need hp and are getting bursted and dived to hard in team fights you have two choices really GA or Frozen Mallet. theres no other item that can compare for defensive wise on a adc.
    As a player I would lean on Mog's actually; I believe I saw a really good math post on the math between the two on an AD carry.

    It's not an entirely uncommon scenario. Sivir used to rock Bloodthirsters and warmog back in previous seasons and the reasoning remains the same. The Ad carry has the income to afford it and can make a good difference between a live carry and a dead carry. combine it with some lifesteal and in general you may see a noticeable length of staying alive imo.

    GA can save you, but I find it's harder without a coordinated team to pull you out with 700 hp revive.