Need a Rioter for my 1000th win plzzzzz

  • Need anyone from Riot to play a game with me for my 1000th win....
  • Whooooooooo disturbs my sluuuuuuuuuuumber................?

    (just fyi, if you don't tag a specific Rioter by name, it's hard for us to find the thread!)
  • Done and done. Letz do it! I wont be on until around 11pm PST tonight though.

    If you have twitter, I post @RiotPenguin when I'm playing games with community
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    Originally Posted by Basnap View Post
    Can I also write "@riot" to adress riot in general in thread titles?
    Well there are hundreds and hundreds of Rioters, so that's sort of like saying "@Someone". You might catch one of the Rioters who read through ALL of GD (yes, we read EVERY single post and page) - but you'd have a much better chance of snagging some one by putting in their name.

    Some times I'm only online for a few minutes so I just take a quick peak in GD to see if there are any @RiotPenguin posts, so I may not notice an @Riot


    Thaaaaaaat aside, Kira Athrun - you up for a game tonight?
  • I'm on now
  • Thanks for the game everyone, and congratulations to Kira Athrun on his 1000th win!