Honor system working?

  • Honor doesn't seems to be doing what it was supposed to. I don't see anyone using it anymore. Not that I really blame them after all whats the point in using it. Besides even getting a tag has nothing to do with you. Just seems that once the hype was over everyone stopped using it.

    Anyways I had idea for changes they could make to make it more effective but I don't know what it was actual meant to do other then help improve the game by encouraging players not to be jerks. Which that is vague goal to me. Anyways I want to know what the community thinks.

    Poll looked fun so I added it would rather see actual thoughts however. Anyways off to school when I get back I'll be sure to add my ideas and thoughts on the subject.


    One of my thoughts of it depends on what they where trying to accomplish with it. Was it supposed to improves players behavior with little effort and no effect on the game otherwise. In this case I believe the honor system was an success. With out a doubt the initial behavior of a lot of players improved. If this was all it was meant to do close chapter I don't think at this point there is any reason to do anything else with it. Actual now that I think about it this is probably all they where trying to do with it.

    Guess at this point I would just like to see if riot plans on trying to do more with the honor system or is this all it was meant to do.
  • We know that Honorable Opponent is a bit too common, and the others are a bit too rare. However, players who have currently unlocked Yellow/Blue/Green seem to be genuinely awesome players to play with.

    We'll be re-balancing the requirements to get the badges soon and there will be more to come for Honor.
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    Originally Posted by Deti View Post
    Its not working. Somebody like me will a mass 250 honor for it to be all wipes clean by a game I played years before the system was out. Its like.. a big slap in the face for me trying to improve the way I play. And now whats the point in me a massing more Honor after it got reset when I can get another case made from a year before. Kind of defeats the purpose and demotivates players more then anything else.. A tribunal "warning" and resetting Honor should only be put in effect if the cases were after honor system was introduced. Cases before that shouldn't have honor resets.
    Cases "from a year ago" don't affect Honor.
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    Originally Posted by TrenixPL View Post
    The whole system is flawed and stupid. When you play with friends you always honor them, because obviously they're going to meet your expectations one way or another. It also feels like a requirement to honor them, because if you don't then you feel like a ******. When it comes to playing with people you don't know, no matter how hard you try to be nice and help them, most don't even bother to honor anyone. The ribbon system is also pretty lame, I've haven't had one yet and I've gotten so many points. Not that it matters though since it doesn't really effect anyone's profile anyway. In the end, I don't even use the system anymore it's just completely useless. I rather see players who participate in tribunal get exclusive icons or ribbons for their efforts in keeping the game nice and clean. This is just an exploitable feature that really doesn't change the player base.
    If the Honor Initiative were so easily abused, we'd see a lot more Yellow, Green and Blue ribbons--but you don't.

    In fact, there's a lot of systems in place that already counter stuff like Honoring your premade friends in every game. You can still do it, but it's not worth as much as Honor from strangers.