Who is your favorite "Unpopular" Champion?

  • Hi, I am curious about what unorthodox characters GD likes in this wonderful game of League of Legends.
    Most of the time threads are devoted to "X is OP" "I hate Y" "GG they picked Z".
    So Instead of that I am just wondering what Unpopular and/or Underrated champions do you enjoy?

    And if you're curious about my favorite champion(who is also unpopular) it is Renekton.
    Everyone complains about him having no late game or long cooldowns but I don't really care.
    It is probably the most enjoyable feeling in LoL to be cutting up dudes and being egged on by a powerful and deadly champion.
    My very existence as Renekton top draws the attention of the jungler and often the Middle lane - so my insanely aggressive plays drive everyone else to succeed.
    Also he's an alligator, did I mention that?

    TL/DR: What is your favorite low win rate/low popularity champion/odd role for a champion? I like Renekton

    Edit: :O oh my good man, I actually have a successful thread! I'd like to thank the Academy, White Jesus, and Renekton Bot
  • Haiku for Soraka!

    Ignored. Tossed aside.
    Popular for a moment...
    I'm hipster healer.

  • Kennen. People forget I have a massive amount of stuns and harass.

    Nothing more satisfying than nuking an entire team for half their health and stunning.
  • I love Xerath so so much. He is a blast.

    I do a little dance when I get him in ARAM.

    I haven't seem him picked though in months. :[