how do i build ashe in season 3?

  • just wondering if i should go bt b4 ie first or whatsup
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    Build her the same as any carry. Statikk Shiv is especially good on her because of her passive, for what that's worth.

    Just know now that you have options in what you can build - you should still get BT and IE, but depending on the armor of your enemies and whether you're fighting groups vs. getting chased out of the fight you should change up your AS/arpen options, which are LW, SS, PD and Runaan's, to match your needs.

    Consider also swapping the staple GA for Warmog's, Banshee's Veil, Mercurial Scimitar and so on depending on if and what you're getting caught by, if at all. GA doesn't do you much good if the enemy Talon or Kha'zix keeps catching you out of position, for instance.
    As a common AD carry when I play with my friends. This is good advice.

    Statikk does mesh well with her passive and an IE for some really good poke around mid game.