Faith in Riot Restored.

  • Today I talked one on one with a Rioter with the name of Xin it to Win it. I added him just to add a Rioter, and when I said "hey man, hows it going?" He responded very nicely and we enjoyed a chat. I finally restored my faith in Riot. I wish more people in Riot talked to people. ( not one on one, but like in chats). Thanks for reading this post, and thank you to Xin it to win it to getting my faith restored!
  • Xin in it to Win It rules.
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    I added him to ask him about the gingerbread contest, which he said we could do... but then I was too afraid to type to him when I saw him online >> Lol I am a coward.
    I am necroing this so hard, but don't be afraid.