Pasadena City College LANCERS!!! (LoL Team)

  • Hey guys, I am currently attending college at PCC and I thought it might be fun to put together a team for our school.

    Requirements would be:
    1. Currently taking classes at PCC
    2. Must speak English
    3. Must have Skype with Mic
    4. Willing to have campus meetings
    5. Must have high speed internet

    If your interested reply to this post including your summoner name, current elo, main role, favorite champion, and current major at PCC.

    I've taken the liberty of creating a team to save the name as well as making a league channel to join/chat in: PCC

    Current Roster:
    Vir Sanctus

    Oh btw, one of our players actually streams!!
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    Originally Posted by Teracide View Post
    I'm with NoTalent on this one. If you're serious about making a competitive team under the name of your college, talk to someone at the college that could help organize such a thing, and put up fliers around the campus. I think you're just afraid of being judged by your peers for playing LoL.

    Posting something like this in GD is really not going to bring you success.
    Most colleges and universities have an "official" way for supporting clubs and organizations. I suggest creating a club because it will give you more exposure to the campus community.

    The UCLA (my alma mater) LoL group has a pretty solid Facebook group/page, so I suggest doing that as well. Check it out for inspiration: