Matchmaking changes broke the elo gain

  • Gain 11 lose 14, every game.

    New matchmaking system makes it so you get teams which get you 11 elo and lose 14 if you lose, every game.

    I've tested this over the past few days since the matchmaking change and it's 100% gain 11 lose 14.

    I know everyone will downvote this but it's an actual problem
  • The matchmaking changes didn't affect this.

    Are you duo-queing?
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    I don't duo queue and I almost always notice a pattern of -11,+14 or +11,-14. I find that I'll rarely ever get 12 or 13. I've noticed this for about the past 6 months or so.
    This was a change many months ago that did some adjustments to the base algorithm--this change resulted in the average game having Elo adjustments of +/-11 or +/-14 instead of +/-12 and +/- 13. This change did not affect the average rate that player's gained or lost Elo.

    The Number of Wins feature didn't affect the above at all.