100% or nothing

  • I play Soraka mid in Solo 5v5 and Ranked Team 5v5. I have a better win rate than my previous seasons now at 75% (maybe higher because some of the losses were an attempt to full support) and I think its a viable pick but, only if you know what you're doing. I even ran it in the Riot Through the Halls Tourney that can be seen here.

    What I'm wondering is when I pick Soraka, Ezreal, or even Ziggs mid in Solo 5v5, some of my teamates say things like "gg, reported for support mid", "ap ez is bad" (even after saying I play him as an AD Caster), or "Ziggs is tier 4".

    It just boggles my mind that during champion select whether I'm vs a Karthus as Soraka or we had a Katarina top who can benefit hugely by my MR shred via Starcall spam. At least one of my teammates acts like a nut job.

    Whats worse is when I get told "The pros aren't doing it in the recent tournaments" or "if you mess up YOUR BANNED". It makes me scared to even try champions like Ziggs anymore because I'm afraid that I'll get reported win or lose just because of a champion pick.

    tl;dr - I play a good Soraka mid. Played it in Riot Through the Halls Tourney. People tell me I'll get reported even if I win because its not a Tier 1 pick.
  • I'm a huge fan of unexpected lane picks, though I'd be lying if I said I don't get a little nervous at the same time

    It certainly helps if you can just give a short explanation of why you're running X in lane Y, and what strengths you think it'll bring to the team and what it plays off well. That way I can figure out how to help you succeed in your mad quest for glory!