Champion Spotlight: Thresh, the Chain Warden

  • In this edition of the Champion Spotlight, we’ll show you how Thresh, the Chain Warden supports your team with a powerful collection of crowd control abilities, displacement effects and harassing attacks. As a tanky support, Thresh can initiate, disengage and generally disrupt team fights throughout the game. With good communication, Thresh’s ability to control a fight by displacing enemies and repositioning allies can open new avenues of attack and enable epic escapes. In this video, we’ll run through all of his abilities as well as sample runes and masteries, and share a few useful tips you can use to impale your opponents on the warden’s spectral chains.
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    Originally Posted by Apollinarius View Post
    So, how does he pick up the souls? He just walked through one at the start of the gameplay portion of the video and the soul just sat there on the ground.

    Do you have to use the lantern?

    My first impression is that Thresh is super OP. We'll see how people use him at the upcoming tourneys to get a feel for exactly how OP he really is.
    Soul collection only requires that Thresh or his lantern be near a soul.

    Champion spotlight footage comes from our actual balance testing games, viewed through Spectator-mode. Unfortunately we did not realize that Thresh had a spectator-only bug throughout much of his development which caused collected souls to linger on the ground, instead of immediately disappearing. You'll notice that in the spotlight footage for at least two scenes; we thought the clips were the best representations of his gameplay so we included them anyway.