Thresh Champion spotlight. Missing Tip.

  • While watching the Champion spotlight i notice Phreak not explaining a easy way to collect souls while playing against an Aggressive bot lane.

    Thresh isn't the one collecting the souls, it's the Lantern, so by using his Shield, throwing out the lantern, can collect distant souls.

    Just a friendly tip for new Thresh players.

    1st Edit, this is truth, been playing with Thresh through the PBE stage, and it's there and it's a great thing to know.

    2nd Edit: Felaedor is right, not only can the Lateran Collect souls Thresh can at the same time collect the ones at his feet.. strange thing :3

    3rd Edit: Moving this to here so everyone can read, Felaedor (again) giving another helpful hint, Characters with a target blink like Lee Sin, Kat can jump to the Lantern for a double blink.
  • Excellent point. I'll look into updating the passive tooltip itself to reflect this.

    And yes, both Thresh and his lantern can harvest souls, allowing you to still collect yourself even with the lantern out.