[Game][Major] wins not counting towards promotion

  • i was up for promotion to gold tier, the trial is a best of 5 right? well i won my first 3 games easy, expecting a promotion, finally i thought i was done but apparently i did not count any of the 3 wins. To make matters worse, my night was ruined by 2 losses in a row because of a 4v5 and a 3v5. To futher this, i check my leagues placement to find i am no longer up for promotion but only have 74 points in silver tier 1st division. please fix this i beg you my night has been ruined.
  • What is your summoner name in PBE?
  • xXArcheronXx I filed in a ticket so we are going to take a deeper looki into this. Did you by any chance dodge queue in one of your promotion games? That would cancel the promotion series.
  • I wasn't referring to a player support ticket, but to a bug ticket, as in we will look into if this is a bug and if it is we will fix it before it hits live.