IronStylus: Where are our "funny" champions?

  • I've noticed you're (probably) online, so I would like to try and get a Riot response on this matter which has bothered me for quite a while.

    I'm talking about the lack of "funny" champions in the League lately. And when I say funny, I don't mean champs with funny jokes, or meme-able champs (like Draven) — I mean champions whose concepts are inherently funny and/or whimsical, like Ziggs or Lulu or Veigar. And no, I'm not calling for more yordles specifically. Mundo and Gragas are great examples of non-yordle, funny champions.

    So my question is simple, are we ever going to get more Nunus, or Amumus? Or Fiddlestickses, Heimerdingers? Or are we going to have to settle with Jayces and Zeds and Zyras and Threshes until the end of time?
  • Can't really get into specifics but you'll probably see some "funny" or more light-hearted stuff show up this year. I agree though. There are only so many badasses you can make.