How do you get your team to cooperate?

  • Hi, I am a decent player at this game but my team always sucks... bad. always one or two players who throw the game. Screenshots included below.. How do I deal with this? I'm getting more losses than wins because of this nonsense. As you can see, I have one win and two losses, while having epic scores on my two losses. (I could have died less but I would die every fight along with the rest of my team, while getting a kill or two)
    I am in no way saying I am good at this game; I am saying that I do think I deserve a higher elo (like 1400, I'm at 1000..) and that there's no way for me to attain one with such ****ty teammates. I am the feeder sometimes (though rarely) and sometimes I just play really bad. But most of the time I don't.
  • You are in 100% of the games you lose. That is the only common factor. If you are better than your teammates, then play in a way to elevate them and make them better. You don't carry games by getting all the kills, you carry games by lifting up your allies, and helping them where they need it. Place wards for them, ping when they are out of place. Drop even MORE wards to fix the pushing without vision problem. If they never stick with the group, then make the group stick with THEM.
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    Yes and I should also tank, ward, AP dps, stun, support my allies.

    Which champion is this youre talking about?
    Are you saying in every single game you lost there is nothing you could have done to either play better yourself or help minimize the mistakes of your teammates? Not ONE thing?

    If that is true, then I want to sincerely congratulate you on being the best player in the league of legends.