[Platform][Major] Two bugs from final game in promotion series

  • Priority: Major

    Description: Recently I finished my final game in the promotion series that brought me up to from Silver Division IV to Silver Division I. I noticed that the post-game lobby was showing stats from an earlier game than the one I just played, and there is inconsistency in the champions that I selected (i.e. its showing me playing as Kayle when I actually played Draven, see attached picture). Secondly, a popup from my client announced that I was promoted to Division II, when in fact after relogging I found I was promoted to Division I; unfortunately I did not take a screenshot when the popup appeared so you'll have to check my standing in the Leagues in game.

    EDIT: Also I have no idea why but the picture I uploaded below is supposed to be in PNG format; the forums around here is automatically converting it to JPG when I dont want it to.
  • Can you upload your air client logs?

    Instructions here: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/...f-legends-logs