I'm not convinced high skill with a non-top tier champ is enough atm

  • I think in past seasons, yes, being really skilled with a select champ could take you all the way to platinum (as long as it wasn't truly a trash pick). Now, however, I'm pretty skeptical. Almost everyone I know who has gained significant Elo recently -- going from 1200 to 1700 is a good example -- has done so playing fotm champs with highly abusable kits and winrates in the absurd range of 25-3. Watching matches, both streamers and friends in the mid to high range, basically this is the trend: the higher the Elo, the greater chance for niche or situational picks that require some brains on the part of your teammates. The lower the Elo, this becomes almost impossible in a way I don't remember 6 months ago.

    What does this mean? I think the advice that some accomplished players give -- "pick what you have mastered, not what's fotm" -- may need to be revised. The level of skill you'd need to carry with a middle of the road or non-abusable pick these days is so high, ironically you'd have to already be high Elo to make it happen.

    I'm open to the possibility of being wrong here, just like to see some responses, in particular from the advanced players who traditionally have given the advice above.
  • Hmm I was stuck at around 1350 ELO for quite some time. I picked up Jayce mid and ADC (not top) as my main, and I've gone up to around 1525 or so in about 2 weeks. I think it's definitely possible.