[Bug-Major?] Game Crash - Changing Map Scroll Speed

  • So I just jumped into my first game of PBE since the patch on 1/27-1/28 and it felt like the map scroll speed was increased compared to the NALive server. Mid way through the match I went to lower my map scroll speed in the in-game options, and when I hit save changes the game locked up and froze.

    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem since the new patch?

    Steps to repeat:
    1) Load in a match on PBE
    2) Open the "In game" options options
    3) Change the map scroll speed (I lowed mine)
    4) Hit Accept or Save... See if it crashes
    5) .... Profit????
  • Hey Westophalopali, are you on windows or mac?

    Can you try to repair your installation and see if this keeps happening? (try in a custom, so you don't get a leave in case you crash)