The ultimate necro thread.

  • This thread has Revive, GA, Zhonyas, zilean ult, yorick ult, tryndamere ult, kayle ult and anivia egg. Ya can't stop me now b*tches! Just try and kill it.

    Edit: Added ZAC's passive
    Edit 2: Added Lissandra's Ult
    Edit 3: Added Aatrox passive
  • This thread is going places, probably a whole lot more than once.
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    Originally Posted by Voidgolem View Post
    I've always wondered about this, actually.

    Do people honestly, like, type in "ALISTAR OP" into the search bar, find a topic from open beta, just to type "Lol no" in a four-year old thread?
    I think it's more that people play revive teleport Karthus, black out, and sort of wake up after having replied to a thread about the war of 1812 posted in 1813