Riot please change the particles of Tidecaller's Blessing to a Whirlpool animation

  • As quoted by someone from my other thread. I support this idea and I could live with it. Just show a whirlpool under the ad carry or anyone it is casted on so her E can be more noticeable. It can keep the same active and ability but just show the whirlpool animation on the person who has the active. Anyone think this is a much better idea?

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    Originally Posted by Eila Ilmatar View Post
    How about just change the particles of Tidecaller's Blessing to a whirlpool, but leave the effects of the ability the same?
    It'll make her E more noticeable, and attractive.
    It'll tell to the ADC; "Hey, I have a whirlpool around me, better attack the enemy instead of minions!"

    Her E is actually very powerful as it is already, it's just underestimated, and as you said, sometimes goes unnoticed.
  • We're going to be giving this ability some visual effects love in the near future.