@Morello, FeralPony, Meddler, CertainlyT, Zileas, Ezreal

  • As a gamer, I want to start by thanking all of the mentioned character designers, and the dozen more I probably should also mention. You all have continually released iconic, memorable characters who each have a distinct personality and play style. This is a huge success in my opinion. With a 110+ champs, all players can directly identify each of your characters by name. If someone says "Ziggs," other players will immediately know who they're talking about. So I want to thank you, and congratulate you all on a job done exceptionally well.
    As a soon to be game development and design graduate, I want to also take the time to say thank you for raising the bar of what should be expect of a game. All of you continually are watching your champions after their creation. You not only create the characters, but you maintain them, take the time to see if your designs are living up to your own expectations as well as the expectations of your players. I admit I love how the Riot designers go about their work. The work environment and work community seems to thrive on creativity and personal motivation, which I feel is exceptional.

    After saying all this, I was hoping if I could get your advice with something. I would love to intern at Riot, or maybe eventually get an introductory job position at your company. Would any of you be able to give a good example of the things you're looking for in employees as well as what stands out to you for a teammate?

    And in case other Rioters are doing vanity checks: Morello, FeralPony, Meddler, CertainlyT, Zileas, Ezreal, Ironstylus, Griftrix, Grumpy Monkey, ricklessabandon, RiotPenguin, RiotSchmick, just to name a few of Rioters who I remember the names of.
  • Hi. One of the things we look for in all of our people is the entrepreneurial spirit. If you have started your own company, that is a plus. We want people that can get awesome things done without someone telling them how to do it, or even what awesome thing it is. Self motivated and driven people who will not accept constraints and who are focused on the player.

    Personally, when I look at an applicant, I want to know what they can do, and I want to see examples of going above and beyond on their own accord.

    Hope that little bit of info helps.