Can we just delete dominion

  • What's the point in playing a game where the team getting outplayed gets a handicap while the other one gets punished...what type of game design is that?

    Seriously...and you wonder why this game mode is considered trash or a practice mode at best?

    Another thing...why import the entire SR item set when clearly this mode is not SR. Is it too hard to ask for a full set of dominion only items...and to make it worse most of the items that were unique in dom are now in SR. So even Riot views Dominion as a testing mode?

    Like I said, Just delete Dominion if you're not even going to care about it

  • The respawn mechanic could use some work, and does need to be looked at (when I have time), but you're silly if you don't think comeback mechanics aren't in Summoner's Rift.

    "Why is this opponent I'm completely dominating worth as much as minion? Why am I worth six times as much? Why is my respawn timer higher because I've zoned him out so much he's 2 levels behind me?" It goes on and on.