Riot Staff, what are your favourite pizza toppings?

  • I need to know

    Non-rioters can answer too, I GUESS.
  • My pizza preferences are boring: pepperoni. All the way.

    My vendor priority list:
    1. Any pizza from the east coast
    2. Village Pizzeria
    3. Papa's
  • Grilled chicken tossed in Franks Red Hot Sandwich Sauce, crumpled blue cheese, provolone, mozz, buffalo cheddar, and use have tomato - half Franks RH for the sauce with fresh diced red onion and more blue cheese in it. Yeah, that is what I like.

    EDIT : HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE BACON!!!! IT NEEDS CRUMBLED, CRISPY BACON ON TOP! Then drizzle it with more Frank's Red Hot (the sandwich sauce is thicker than the watery stuff they sell in the regular stores)
  • rocks.
  • Bacon and Pineapple
  • Sausage, or plain cheese, or ham+pineapple or supreme. Basically, I just like pizza.
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    Originally Posted by Aranarth View Post
    I could never understand the appeal of pineapple on Pizza. It's one of my favorite fruits, but I hate it on Pizza.
    When I was a kid I didn't get it either.

    Sometimes I really like it, but sometimes I am grossed out by it. I guess it depends on who made it.