SDA runs

  • Ok so I was watching the SDA charity marathon and I swear I heard someone say that Riot Ames donated. Just wondering if I was hearing stuff or not.
  • Necro! (Because I can, and I'm doing a rare 'search my own name')

    That was me! A lot of us here in the office were watching while we worked. I actually donated a few times. Anything that gets gamers involved with good causes is awesome.

    We (gamers) had a bad rep for a long time- now that culture is shifting in our direction more and more, I think it's great for us to set a good example. And even if you don't care about that, it was a ton of entertainment for not really that much spent (in my case).

    There's a lot of efforts like this one that go by on these forums - I've participated in a few in one way or another.
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    Do you do Desert Bus? One of my friends is all over that when they play.
    Haha, not every time, but I have. The thing that I latched onto the most about the SDA one isn't the speed runs (except Super Monkey Ball, holy), but the commentary along the way.

    I also really enjoy the League ones. Most/all of them haven't gotten as big as SDA or Desert Bus, but everything counts.
  • They're not sponsored or anything- people pick a charity, find out how to get donations to them, and then stream themselves or a group of people playing and the proceeds go towards their charity.
  • For League? Certainly not the production levels, commentary, or general time spent on the event. No less awesome though. I think that the diversity of games helped them a lot. I'm a huge Megaman X fan, so some friends saw that was one of the games they'd be playing and clued me in early on.

    For League, I think you'd want to look at how streamers become successful and do something similar. GuardsmanBob lured me in with his good attitude and awesome music selection long ago.