The League Division Names are AMAZING!

  • Seriously It makes me feel good about my 1k elo just me saying "Yeah I'm in the Singed's BlightLords division". Post your division names below

    EDIT: Dang didn't expect the thread to get so big and have red's commenting! If it keeps growing I'll try and make a list of all the league names.
  • Malzahar's Captains.

    I didn't know Malzahar had a boat!
  • Darius' Fists

    I am the agent that holds the ax of Noxus. When I descend upon my enemy they will know pain... and bleed a little.
  • Kogmaw's Horde

  • I'm in Vi's Avatars. If I get out of line, she punches me in the face.
  • Annie's Chosen

    Apparently, Amumu should've been the prom king
  • To clear up some confusion about why Darius' is a Wizard...

    ...i'll just leave this here.