Steel Legion Skins, and some other questions.

  • Hello everyone, As a fan of the lore I have a few questions.

    The Steel Legion Skin have some kind of lore? like a special mission or something (like a spy mission for lux and garen to watch something strange on Zaun/Noxus for example).

    I ask this because of a post I read sometime ago that said that Justicar Syndra and Arclight Varus are the forms of both of this champs If they would have gone the balance path, but they didn't so this awesome skins are like their dimensional lores xD.

    Is Riot going to do more things lore related like champs who enter to the league because of the lore or something?

    Lastly the champions just enters to the league for a reason like vendetta or they are searching for something or someone, and lately none of the newest champions have entered to the league to make a change on runeterra, I mean political because Kha'ZIx entered to the league only to kill rengar, and Vi entered because maybe she wants to help Cait searching for that "Cat Burglar" (come one really how this champ haven't entered the league yet)........ Can we have someone like I don't know..... a Katarinas brother who wants to kill swain to have the power of noxus again on the family? Or An Real Ionian Political and Important person, Who is not a hero from the war against Noxus on the Invasion? ._.

    Are we going to have another, Kumungu/Shurima/someone over the wall, who is not a yordle/void/shadow isles champion ._. I know creepy champs are heck yeah awesome, Or even a friend of zilean who likes bears(someone that travel in time you know......or something? xDDDDDD

    Is riot going to do something like the journal of justice again?.

    To know if Twisted Fate and Graves have already talked to each other in a very explosive way ( I mean BOOM! a battel or something xD), or if rengar has tried to kill Kha' Zix(or Kha tried to kill rengar maybe)......................

    Well, maybe I'm asking too much, but come on If I see skins like The Steel Legions, or for example Noxus Hunter Anivia, I want to know more, because maybe there's some kind of lore there ._. (Is Anivia a Noxus hunter o Anivia Hunts Noxus warriors to defend Freljord.)
  • Yes we're trying to integrate more lore into skins. You're going to be seeing more skins that seem to have a sort of continuity to them, like the battleforged line, or the steel legion line. We're giving the promotion/marketing team short lore statements for skins to help communicate that to player.

    This was actually driven by the players who started proposing lore ideas for thematically related skins, so we're building off that.

    If you ever ready old "what if" comics by Marvel that's the kind of thing we're talking about. What if things had gone differently? Or what might the future hold? It's even possible we could tell stories in the future set in these alternate versions of Runeterra.
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    Originally Posted by GenericPeter View Post
    what if riot did lore beyond a small bio? what if that thing
    So what we're doing for lore right now is:
    - Bios
    - Lore events like the Shadow Isles
    - Other things that have not yet been announced

    It takes a while to develop new methods of delivering lore to you guys, I'm not personally happy with the speed it's taking to bring more lore to you all but we're doing our best.

    Riot takes lore and creative design very seriously. We're slowly carefully growing the creative design department, trying to find people with the right skills to bring you guys better lore.
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    Originally Posted by Auryiel View Post
    That makes 2 of us...

    Btw ''Lore events like the Shadow Isles'' would only be applicable if you had done more of those. Right now it's the only substantial Lore thing you've done in a year (other than screwing up the lore of champions who deserved better)
    Right, in other words, there is another lore event planned. It isn't out yet, but it's coming. If you do some sleuthing you might even be able to figure it out....