How I almost never get troll picks and how to deal with them

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    I'm Lonxu from EUNE. I figured out I'd post this here aswell since the complaining about troll picks seems to be through the roof. Original thread:

    Dedicated to the guys stuck at Bronze because of troll picks:

    This topic just never ends. Yeah, sure bronze is pure chaos we all know that.

    If you're gold level player you'll have no trouble getting out of there.

    If you're silver you have it pretty rough, but should stay over 50% win rate provided you don't troll or destroy your team morale. So it might take you 50, 100 or 200 games to get that silver, but yeah, if you deserve it, you'll get it.

    I've played from 1200 to 1600 4 times I think. Every time I've picked what team needs, not really worrying about playing support.

    My secret weapon against troll picks. Please don't spread this around, might make the community even worse. It's what I say when joining champion select;

    <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset; padding:10px;"> Hey guys, I play all roles. So say your preferences and I pick what's needed. GL HF <3 <3 <3 </td></tr></table>

    <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset; padding:10px;"> Hey guys! I'd like to play AD or Support, but I can play some jungle too. What do you guys play? </td></tr></table>
    In my opinion if everyone could play at least 3 roles, we would have SO much easier time in champion selects. To do that you only really need 6 champions and 3 runepages.

    It's that simple and then the rest I can't explain. My team starts working together. People start communicating on the champion select even! Haven't had troll picks in season 3. 30 games played. Sure sometimes two people want the same role, but it usually gets solved nicely.

    If you still get trolled... Play the games with 2 on mids or 2 on the top games. Quite often it works. It mixes things up. I'd say team compostions don't mean much below plat, but maybe some disagree. I also never ever dodge.

    Why do these guys even troll?

    Because it's worth it IF you can force people to dodge the games. The Trolls get some (not much) elo by getting to play more top darius only or what-ever they only play.

    If everytime they try to pull that sh*t they end up in a team that has low chance of winning
    -> The trolling would stop eventually.

    There was no troll picking in season 1, because no one would ever dodge. Why? Because dodging a game was the same as losing a game or -20LP in todays standards.


    Not true. Like I said, if no one ever dodges when they face a troll. The Trolls are forced to play games which are likely losses or roles they are weak at.

    In the end if no one ever dodges the trolls will fall down to lower elo and guys who always pick what's needed for the team get higher up.

    Best case scenario for the community: the trolls get reported & banned for not even trying to play the game.

    Then I just try to keep my team spirit high by only talking positive stuff on the chat. Never say even slightly negative things like "Please stop feeding".The Guy / Girl guy you are getting mad at is most likely already feeling really bad about feeding and now he/she gets flamed aswell. They'll start having thoughts like "Why even bother with this game anymore", they get mentally destroyed or the blame game starts (more about it later).

    They are not breaking The Summoners Code by having a horrible game, but if you start the toxic chat, guess what, YOU ARE.

    Instead you should be saying "Don't give up just yet, we need you in order for us to win this game with us". I think 99% of the time the feeder starts the actual intentional feeding only after getting flamed first, saying "I'm just trolling".

    My chat over 100 games might look like this "My bad, GJ, Nice gank, Keep it up guys, enemy warded here, please dont fight, dragon respawn at 23:46, NICE JOB GUYS HUGS AND KISSES <3333, please stop arguing it never helps" and that's all I ever need to say, everything else is useless and makes winning harder.


    That's when you do the whole-caring-mother-calming-down-fighting-children-move and make them shut up. If they can't shut up, tell 'em to ignore each other. If that fails the game is most likely lost as the focus has shifted on the blame game.

    If you're getting blamed for something just say my bad or I'm sorry. I don't spend time arguing ingame, I'm here to win games.
    If they still stay toxic, ignore them. After game report their ass and sooner or later they'll get banned, HORRAY.

    If the blame game can't be stopped.That's where I usually give up too, to keep me sane. No big deal, the ragers will lose more often than me, always. This is why you try to create more positive enviroment already at the champion select!

    I've had to carry games where one guy trolls and never leaves the fountain, still won 4v5, this usually happens at around 1200-1400 elo.

    There's a reason why a pro player would never get stuck in bronze, silver, gold or plat; they're good, they get trolled, yet they always find a way to win. Use solo que to get better at the game. No amount of trolls is ever gonna prevent you from getting better. Oh, and getting better really shows on the elo, dayum.

    Remeber that Solo Queue is a tool for YOU to get better. Stop worrying about how good or bad your teammates are doing. Watch this 1 min clip.

    "You don't play solo queue to get your team better, you play solo queue to get yourself better" -Doublelift

    I realize that what I said about staying positive might impossible for some, but that's the way I've had rather easy time in solo que. It seems to make it so that it's always my enemy who gets the bad team morale and trolls. I don't consider myself much better than the avg gold player mechanically, but in the end I'm plat and they're not.

    If I manage to behave like this as a soulless ginger, so can you.

    Not every game is winnable. I feed my share of games and fail to carry the games where I got the dream start, but by staying positive and believing in comebacks you can definitely tip the scales in your favor.

    Every time you really feel like saying something nasty to a feeder just think What Would Scarra Do.
    ->"Hmm, that's interesting I wonder how we can win this game now" AND then he actually uses his big head to find a way to win, it's awesome to watch. <3 Scarra.

    Need some inspiration? Don't let a trolling kid who feels uncomfortable playing anything else than darius top ruin your day =)

    Posted on reddit to share with other regions:

    Currently at ~1800 from 1650 in 32 games since s3 elo reset, behaving like this 100% of the time, 22 W- 10 L or 69% won games. Playing all the roles.

    Edit: Just an update. I've now played 90 ranked games since startting from Gold 1 and got to the Diamond league. Since hitting platinum I've focused on becoming a better support and that worked well for me. 70% ish winrate in around 50 games (support (ap) Zyra OP) got me from Platinum 5 to Diamond 5.

    People are still pretty much the same in higher elo, but I feel they don't give up as easy are more likely to forgive a mistake. I rarely chat ingame... just timers, "my bad" or a couple of GJs. During champion select I usually tried to joke around and said I prefer to support, but can jungle or ADC. I'm not good enough to play top at diamond/high plat and can only cheese mid as Zed, but chances of me going mid seem to be around 1%. Surprisingly I've had games with 3 support mains and that's usually kinda bad news.
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    It's amazing how much being nice does work. One of my smurfs (to avoid dev bias) gets very little in the way of trolls because of this. Maybe, just maybe, it's luck, or chance, or whatever, but I like to think that if you're decent to people, it takes a larger effort to be a ******bag back to them.

    Most people aren't *******s natively, but all it takes for someone who's otherwise normal on a losing streak or who is having a bad day to turn into a troll is to give them a reason to. I know in DotA, I was about 5x more angry and would leave games for that reason (something I'd never reallty done in League, even before I was a dev).

    So, protip; be cool, and people will be more likely to be cool to you too.
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    Vids pls.
    It was like 2003. :P