Looking for a rioter for my 999th win in normals!

  • Hi,
    Im looking for a rioter to play with me for my 999th win. Not my 1000th win. I really want aphromoo to play with me for that one but ill make a post when the time comes. Now for rioters, ive been really jelly of people getting riot responses for 1k win threads so im not picky.

    I will play with the janitor from riot or even the doorman. I dont care if all you do is shred files i swaer i am not picky at all. I have been waiting for such a long time for this.

    My ign : nìght fury

    Im hoping aphromoo accepts my request for my 1k win cuz if he does, ill switch my name to aphro so i can finally see aphro and daphro in bot lane and after the game he can finally throw away daphro and take the ign aphro off my hands.


    Umm if anyone has suggestions on cool rioters to put in this post let me know and thanks for reading. Bump shamlessly. If not its k.


    ^ pic of 998 ^
  • Lets play! I should be on for a few games tonight

    In future though, adding a rioter's name does help (though keep in mind that the more popular ones are a lot busier than new ones like me) -- But please refrain from excessive bumping - it honestly doesn't help at all, and just makes our forum moderators sad. :X