Does your KDA affect your LP gains?

  • I feel like I read somewhere that it does influence your LP, but I could be wrong?
  • It does not.
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    Thank you for the quick response Yegg.

    The reason I ask this - and I don't expect Yegg to lurk around this thread much longer so i'll ask for anyones eyes.

    After the new ranked system was implemented I was placed into Silver ll. I had 0 points and I unfortunately lost 3 in a row. After each game I thought for sure I would be lowered down to D3, but I wasn't.

    What confused me even more is after winning my 4th game, I gained 17 points. I've heard that people aren't gaining that much, especially after losing my first 3 matches which would lower my MMR? Anyone have an explanation for this?
    People tend to remember (and/or talk about) their low LP gains and forget about the higher ones. It also doesn't help that there's a bug where the gains aren't explicitly shown right now, so if you forget how many you had you might think you got less than you really did. Most people are gaining at least 17 from their wins.

    As for loss forgiven, there's an unfortunate bug right now where losses will still count towards a series even though you won't lose any LP or MMR. We'll be fixing it soon.