banned for server errors

  • hey guys! the problem was that i got banned for dcing in the game, but it wasnt my fault, i only dced 2 times, one because idk how ALL my team client crashed (weird but true) and in the second time my loading screen got stuck in a percent, it wasnt loading and i couldnt do anything than closing my server and going in again.
    Please if i can get a solution from riot i would be very gratefull, ty
    PS: sorry for my bad english, and i send a support ticket, im waiting for answers
  • Hi Cangewarrior

    Can you give me your summoner name in the PBE and I can look up some information about your account?

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    thank you for your answer phage, my pbe summoner name is the same: cangewarrior
    Hmm, I don't see that you are banned, your account shows as normal. I went ahead and performed the un-ban correction on your account just in case. Let me know if that takes care of it