Experiment: Video Spotlight

  • Hey guys,
    As some of you may know, I run featured streamers here at Riot, and I'd like to start a small experiment. I'm going to post some videos here on the forums and see what you guys think of them. They might be from Siv HD, Dunkey, Protatomonster, or Player POV, but probably not. I'll mainly be looking for stuff that comes from some of the more obscure corners of our community, when I can find it.

    First up:
    From CholeraNinja's "I'm bad at LoL" series, here's "Mad Mogs", or "What to do when you encounter a team of all supports." If your pre-made games are this fun, I'd like to think you're doing it right.


    Enjoy, and if you think this sucks, or if you have something better, link it to me in the comments!
  • Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback! Again, this is an experiment, and I'll see what we can do to improve it in the future.