Game is hiccuping?

  • Okay, for awhile now my game kind of.. hiccups. It takes forever to load into a game also. Is this normal? I mean I am playing on a laptop but in the past I use to play 10 games and nothing would be wrong.

    Currently my FPS bounces between like 10 and 30. I have the FPS setting set to "stable" is this okay?

    No idea what to do to fix it. Could it be my computer? I also play with the sound off and I still have problems. I play on lowest settings also.
  • Have you checked your power saving settings? Sometimes laptops will not use all of your CPU for power or heat reasons. You can tell it to never downclock your CPU, but you may risk overheating if your laptop is not properly ventilated.

    I also do not know if this is your specific problem, it is only a guess.