The tribunal will bring up games prior to the most recent suspension.

  • Just thought i would bring up a point that a very good player support specialist brought to my attention.

    If you are toxic and get suspended, for example sake lets agree that it is a week suspension, you can then get suspended AGAIN for the games leading up to the week suspension.

    game 1
    game 2
    game 3

    imagine these three games, you are incredibly vile and horrid and you get suspended for it.

    1 week suspension.

    you take your suspension with a grain of salt, wanting to come back and change your ways.

    after the suspension you play 3 games and log out for a few days.

    game 1-you get trolls on your team that you dont agree with, you ask them to please play properly. You dont use any foul language, any harrasment, nothing. They end up reporting you.
    game 2-you have a bad game, 1-9-5. your team is harrasing you for being a piece of ****, yadda yadda yadda, you say... "im sorry guys, im having a bad game." They report you anyways.
    game 3-you dont say a word the entire game, you just queue, play fine, do well with the team, and so on. a duo queue decides that they want to report you simply because they can...

    3/3 games reported in, you are now in line for the tribunal. BUT.... the tribunal will pull games prior to the week suspension, even though you were put in the tribunal for false reports, you will end up getting suspended because it will pull games from a time where you actually were a vile player.

    This is bullcrap and it needs to be changed, i have had a ticket open with a really good player support specialist that actually responds to me instead of sending automatic responses, and this person told me that this is how it works.

    Is this just at all? You suspend players in hopes that they reform, but your system doesn't reward the players that do indeed reform. Hopefully this gets a riot response so that this mechanic of the tribunal can be changed
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    Originally Posted by YueienGato View Post
    Really? It happened again? I thought Wookie said he'd look into your case?

    EDIT: Here's the link, I thought I brought those affected accounts - including yours, Hobo - to his attention. Looking back at it it seems that he hasn't, or if he has he has not informed the affected people. I don't know what to say.
    It didn't happen again, and I'm not quite sure where Hoboslayer is getting at. This is a miscommunication with a member of Player Support.

    Skid the PS Specialist, didn't distinguish the fact that while old games can be used in a tribunal, this assumes that they all occurred after your last guilty judgement in the tribunal. I'll be sure to follow up with him so that we can avoid these kinds of misinterpretations in the future.

    When you are banned by the Tribunal, games from before your ban date are no longer used.

    This is the way the Tribunal is programmed and designed. Unfortunately in rare instances, bugs do occur. No system is 100% perfect. Like the link you mentioned, the tribunal may hicup on a small number of cases which requires us to take manual action to resolve them.

    Largely thanks to the players in that thread, we were able to find those affected and have already sent e-mails to them with our fixes to their account.

    In Hoboslayer's case, he was not double banned.

    His 7 Day Suspension occured on January 2nd.

    His 14 Day Suspension occurred on February 1st.

    There are five games in this case, and they come from the following dates: