• Hi! Before I start, I'd just say that I haven't been on this forum much, and am a bit.. inexperienced in its community, or its rules. If I'm doing something wrong here, or put this in the wrong forum, some help would be great!


    I've noticed that, many times, technical issues that sometimes just cannot be solved are the cause of numerous bans, including for myself. It's endlessly frustrating, from a personal perspective, mostly because I truly love this game. I find it that, even when my teammates think I'm doing a great job, and even if they know I'm just having technical issues, I still get punished because of my computer. I don't think this is fair, but I know that Riot will not delete this completely, as the mechanic does, in fact, help get rid of 'trolls' and the like.

    What I do suggest, though, is a 'veto' for punishment for the players that have left. In the endgame screen, the players on a team remaining can, if this improvement is approved, click on a button next to a player that left during the game/still is not active in the endgame and start a 'Veto Vote'.

    This would, onscreen, be very similar to a Surrender Vote. There would be four slots- or three if one of the team members have left, but if there are less than three members, it will not work- and each team member can vote 'yes' for if they think the player should be relieved of any punishment, or 'no' if they truly thought they were detrimental to the game. This vote can go through successfully if there is a 3/1 or a 3/0 ratio, and nothing else; it is basically so if the (almost) entire team thinks a player that left was an improvement to the team, that they can help them and relieve any punishment they may receive due to technical issues- or, in some cases, real-life issues. It's a way for summoners to help each other in any condition!

    Please, comment and critique in any way you think would be fitting. I'm very willing to edit and revise. Also, if you vote 'no' on the poll, please say why!
  • 1) Technical issues and "real-life issues" are actually quite different in many senses. Is your feature going to bypass the LeaverBuster or the Tribunal, or both?

    2) If this feature applies to LeaverBuster, it would affects game play, the more balanced both sides are the larger the impact will be if one person left on either side. How is this side going to deal with other side unwilling to play with 5 versus 4? Many players do not like stomping-type of games, and would like whoever left is punished for it.

    3) If this feature applies to the Tribunal/Reporting System, what prevents one player harasses the other side, and then uses this feature to have his teammates “immunize” him from the Tribunal?

    4) How would this feature work when population of the team fall under or equal to 3? (Twisted Treeline not supported?)

    5) How is Riot going to “motivate” players to fix their technical or behavior issues with this feature enabled?

    6) How are we going to handle Elo/LP adjustment for the guy that got immunized and left?
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    Are you planning on paying the OP or do you expect him to do your work free for your free of charge?
    I just want to see if he has carefully thought about his idea. Critical thinking is important, and we should promote it. He is perfectly ok not to answer any of my questions.