2/11/2013 PBE Patch Help Request

  • Please confirm the following if you have time:
    • Yorick no longer crashes the game.
    • Jungle minion HP bars look the same.
    • Champion HP Bars are back to 100 hp ticks.
    • Equalize has been disabled.
    • Loss of Control UI has been disabled.
    • Teemo Mushrooms and Wards can no longer be tossed by Volibear.
    • Nunu Bot works in the tutorial again.
    • Item shop allows you to purchase items when you have 5 items already purchased.
    • Morgana's Soul Shackles sound effect works when one of multiple targets have broken the chain.
    • "Show Attack Radius" checkbox shouldn't show up in spectator mode.

    Thanks guys.
  • Cool, thanks guys. Looks like we'll need to do another push to pick up those changes.
  • Thank you.