Attached pic for report

  • In the after-match chat this guy called my friend by his real name. Having never met him before this seems like it was done through some malicious means. I reported him for this but I wanted to make sure there was photographic evidence so here it is attached.

    Yes we lost the game, no one cares. It's a game. I would just like to know that someone cannot get away with things like this because this could pose a significant risk to younger players. No one should be called out by their real name on a supposedly anonymous free game.
  • Hey Flufems,

    I removed the pictures from this thread, as "naming and shaming" is against the rules here.

    I could understand the frustration over a toxic player, but giving them internet fame won't help the case. If you truly are disturbed by this individual you can send us a ticket as LargeSnorlax and Bendrake pointed out.

    I can't really promise action will be taken, as we largely leave that up to the Tribunal. But reports are indeed filed, and we do use them when we need to investigate a player further.

    As for how he got your friend's name; sometimes all it takes is nothing more malicious than a google search to find this information. It looks like your friend has a deviant art page up with his name on it.

    Just a heads up in case you want to let him know to be more careful in the future.